020 MotionRC Exclusive: F105 Thunderchief

If you’re looking to try your hand at ducted fan jets then the new F105 Thunderchief from MotionRC is for you. Listen is as we discuss this new 64mm series as a great stepping stone for someone ready to take the next leap to a jet. Looking for a good winter time flyer? Well the F105 can take the elements with hand launch and belly landing. Thanks for listening. http://www.motionrc.com/products/freewing-f-105-thunderchief-64mm-edf-jet-pnp

6 thoughts on “020 MotionRC Exclusive: F105 Thunderchief”

  1. I’m very surprised motion RC thinks the stinger 64 is a good entry level jet. I have one on 3S and if it’s windy, it makes hand launching difficult because there’s a strong chance a gust of wind will flip the jet or get it sideways before is up to speed. I’m not a novice at hand launching or novice of RC. The 3S version (stock) is also a little underpowered. Friends who have the stinger 60 4 saying the same thing.
    Maybe it’s us,though…

    1. The RC Afterhours team is very tempted to order a few for testing for sure.
      Because we certainly deal with wind and cold temperatures.


      1. I was suppose to sleep. I was going to behave.
        Then I decided to hit this website to go back and listen or relisten to a podcast to fall asleep to. And run across this…….
        Call me broke and sleepless. I was standing on the bed.
        I’m listening to Andre talking about the 105 inlet. I have scratched my head for years trying to figure out how to make the inlets functional for edf. Motion R/C found an excellent solution. I took one look and ofcourse! They actually embarrassed me.I have thought about how to overcome this inlet issue for years. Alpha
        said they are selecting subjects that have never been done. I hope they will not be offended if I offer a few suggestions.
        Oh I love this podcast. No sleep and wild eyed. 105s in a container

    2. Hey Gents. The pilots/camera men for Motion R/C were kind of campaigning about being on your show. Sounds like a good plan!

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