009 Pigpen and Mudfest

The RC Afterhours guys recap Flitefest 2017. Despite all the rain, mud and straw bales it was a good time had by all.

2 thoughts on “009 Pigpen and Mudfest”

  1. Liked the podcast

    Did any of the people in the Radian fly notice a flying wing way up there in the sky? That was me! Just under 400′. I didn’t hear when it was happening, but when I saw them all flying, I grabbed a battery and hit the skies.

    Just a comment about the showers… and their availability. One of the real hardships that the rain/mud put on flight fest was the power. The showers and tanks were brought in and set up, but the generators were not yet on site so testing of the showers was not possible. When the generators showed up, there was too much mud so they could not be placed by the company so John put them in place with the tractor. We got the first shower set up only to find that the lights didn’t work and one of the breakers to the water pump kept tripping. The second set of showers finally got hooked up late Wednesday. There was so much straw and mud that the shower drains would plug and … you get the picture. We finally did get both showers working, but one was without the overhead lights. I did not hear about the water heat not working (sorry Andre). I’m just glad the showers were available, no matter what didn’t work.
    David HilldaFlyer

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