007 Coordinated turns part 2

Join Chris, Mike, Andre and guest Mike Finley for Part 2 of the Ohio trip. Listen in for lots more shenanigans and some big crash stories. Thanks for all the support.




9 thoughts on “007 Coordinated turns part 2”

  1. Hey I can crash into other people’s planes with the best of them. Can I come to the next Afterhours Fest? I promise to bring my Tundra.

    Can’t wait to see you guys at Flite Fest again this year.

  2. Wonderful… Thank you so much for what I’m sure is another awesome episode to listen to at work today đŸ™‚

  3. I believe it was Mike Finley who just got the Headplays & I wanted to send him and email about his setup. I just got a pair myself and wanted to ask some questions. I am BEEMANS on the FT forums also I had to include my email when I gave this post.


  4. This is for AndrĂ©’s mental health

    The Canadian gov has released an updated set of rules, much less restrictive than what was presented a few months ago.

    > min 5.5km from airports (instead of 9km)
    > min 30 meters from buildings (instead of 75m)
    > animals are no longer involved (!)
    > etc.

    So… good news AndrĂ©, you don’t have to go tcs racing or purchase a crawler. Looks like our favorite astronaut is listening to the community?


  5. Next Radian rally at Flite Fest etc. For the next Radian mass flight the uniform of the day…….

    “Hello, Party City, yes we would like 65 Freddy the Yeti Bigfoot suits”

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