003 The Lost FPV Antenna

Well the RC Afterhours crew lost their guest Alex Greve last minute but decided to throw some topics and crash stories together and do a show. Thanks for listening and all the support.

3 thoughts on “003 The Lost FPV Antenna”

  1. Hi Guys!
    Love that you decided to keep up the podcasts for all of the RC community. I look forward to listening and sometimes seeing what is going on.
    What has happened to the video feed? Used to seeing you guys sitting, Andre on the big screen and lots of talking going on. Miss that part, but the podcast is still able to be heard.
    Please keep up all the great work, I really appreciate what you do and understand how much work and time it takes.
    Jon Francis
    Twisp Washington in the North Central side of the State.

  2. Wright Brothers toured Europe and United States and sold flyers. Infamously, the first recorded death attributed to flying involved a Wright Flyer and one of the brothers was the pilot and sustained injuries.
    About all I have heard.

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