001 Whipits,fireballs and RC tanks

The first RC Afterhours podcast is in the books with the same crazy crew as before. Listen in as Chris,Andre,Mike and David fill you in on whats happening with the new platform and what to expect in the future. David gives us some insight on the new RC tank battle video he’s been work on.Thanks for listening.


1 thought on “001 Whipits,fireballs and RC tanks”

  1. G’day guys
    What ever you do don’t don’t don’t please don’t stop making these podcasts your podcast is part of my Wednesday night flying with the boys from serraons in Brisbane Australia ( its a group of guys like you have that fly together)I listen to you you all on my iPhone through my car radio on the way to flying and on the way home.
    There are time that I have to pull over to the side of the road so cause I’m laughing so dam hard that I’m in tears and can’t see where I’m going
    If pulled up at traffic lights listening to mike laughing while laughing with mike and had the people in the car next to me look over like I was off my medication and am a nut bag that has escaped from the lacol funny farm.
    When your returning from a night and you pull up at traffic lights at 1am and are laughing uncontrollably cause mike is laughing and you just can’t stop laughing you can see how it looks to people but I wouldn’t have it any other way I have same crash stories that I’ll email later
    Thank you thank you thank you keep up the fantastic work and don’t stop 👍🏻👍🏻
    Laughing uncontrollably Artii Brisvagas
    Fly low speed safely 🤘🏻

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